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Welcome to the website of the Fallbrook Gem & Mineral Society. The FGMS was founded in 1957 and consists of a group of individuals who share common interests in gems, minerals, jewelry, geology, paleontology and the related earth sciences and lapidary arts.The Society is based in Fallbrook, San Diego County, California -- just a "stone's throw" from some of the most productive gem mining areas in the United States. You won't believe what we've been hiding in Fallbrook!

Interested in the Earth and what can be found here? Come
to our museum or visit us at a general meeting to find out
from one of our Gemologists, Mine Owners or Hobbyists
what you’ve been walking past all these years. Southern
California has an impressive history of gems and mining
and we are more than willing to share it with you.

Please feel free to visit our virtual museum, our actual
museum or attend one of our general meetings or field trips.
For more on what’s happening with the Fallbrook Gem &
Mineral Society, check out our Calendar...

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